March 2010

Top 3 Worst RCC Moreno Valley Clubs of 2010

Last week something transpired at the Moreno Valley Campus of RCC.

Accreditation = Success

Wearing her Associated Students of Moreno Valley (ASMV) sweat shirt in the new school colors, Marilynn Zaragoza, student president here at the newly accredited Moreno Valley City College, expresses

perez speech

Hot Lunch For None

Student Opinion on our Half-Eteria

As a student at Moreno Valley City College, You may have noticed the skeleton of a building in the middle of campus, looming nearly as ominous and vacant as your growling stomach.

Happy Birthday To ???

Apparently The School Celebrated Its Birthday...


Last week marked what would soon be known as a historic moment, the birthday of the Moreno Valley Campus!

Smoke Free... I Think Not!

False claims on a “smoke free” campus


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