April 2012

Early Detection Screenings

Early detection can prevent heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

At least half or more of adults in the United States have a heart attack, stroke, or some type of cancer in their lifetime.

Early Detection Screenings

Sun protection for you and your kids

Even a few serious sunburns can increase your child's risk of skin cancer.

Suncreen is very important when it comes to protecting your child's skin.

Sun Protection

Clean and healthy teeth

Eating cheese is good for your teeth!


Do you love yourself?

Our generation is seriously out of whack!

Love yourself

Can You Hear Me Now!



                Most of us would agree that we would sooner leave home with no clothes on than leave without our cell phone.

Saint Patrick's Day

A Consumers Holiday? Or Historical Importance?

A lot of you might not have noticed that on March 15 the ASMV barbeque and St. Patrick’s Day celebration was canceled due to business ASMV had to attend to in Washington D.C; nonetheless students at MVC were quizzed on their knowledge of the history of the day.

Child care coming soon!

Child care

Isabel's idea for room decoration.

Do you have kids that need to be taken care of while you go to work? Do they go to school but need to be picked up?

7,000 Easter Eggs Gone in Seven Minutes

"Spring Egg Hunt" offered free fun for whole family.

Students, local residents, and even the Easter Bunny gathered on Friday, April 6th to participate in Moreno Valley College’s “Spring Egg Hunt”. 

Easter Bunny 2012

Tigers third in Orange Empire Conference race

Riverside City's golf team won five of seven matches on Monday, propelling the Tigers into third place in the Orange Empire Conference race.

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