August 2012

I'd be Worth More As A Prisoner

Every morning I wake up at 4 a.m. to travel 20 miles to my full-time nanny job. By 7 a.m. I have woken up, dressed, fed, and delivered 5 children, including one who is a Type I Diabetic and requires insulin with every meal, to their bus stops and babysitters.

I then travel another 56 miles to attend class at the Moreno Valley campus where I am desperately trying to pursue my degree. I spend roughly $160 per week in gas, only counting my commute to school.

Like many of the students attending college in the Riverside area, I rely heavily on numerous forms of financial assistance and the helpful staff here at RCC to do so.

East LA Forces a Game 3 after Game 2 Win

The East LA Huskies get a close win over the RCC Tigers, 2-1, forcing a deciding third game in this best-of-three series.

The Huskies didn’t waste time trying to bounce back after losing Game 1 as Husky second baseman, Ruben Ramirez, hit a leadoff homerun on RCC pitcher, John Kappmeyer’s first pitch of the game.

Top Local Teen Hotspots

Brandin Iron aka B.I.

As students we are over whelmed with stress from mid-terms and/or finals, right? And all of this built up tension on our chests is a definite problem. 

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