October 2012

RCC Football pounds Saddleback in Rematch 2011 Golden State Bowl

The RCC Tigers blew out the Saddleback Gauchos, 51-13, in a rematch of the 2011 Golden State Bowl.

It's A Hard Knock Life

Janae recalls several embarrassing times when he tried and failed miserably at combing her hair, “The kids used to laugh at me and call me Pippy Longstocking because my dad didn’t know how to comb my hair, and he didn’t know how to dress me, so I was often found wearing mismatched socks and clothes that barely fit or did not match in color.”

Artober Fest

arts festival

The City of Moreno Valley will be holding its annual arts festival, Artober Fest. The evebt will be free to the public and will take place on October 13, 2012 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Moreno Valley Conference & Recreation Center,located at 14075 Frederick St.

Round 1 Begins

Looking for a new spot to have fun with your friends, play arcade games, drink beer, and bowl all at the same time?  On Sept 7th at the Moreno Va

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement

Round 1 Bowling & Amusement is a new attraction in the Moreno Valley mall. It originated from Japan and there are only two in the US. It is not your typical bowling spot, it is more like bowling/carnival.

Moreno Valley Annual Fall Career/ Job Fair

Need a job? The Moreno Valley College will be holding their first Annual Fall Career/ Job Fair on October tenth. It will be held from 10a.m – 1p.m at the Lions Den/ Courdures Plaza.

Help Others Live: MVC Blood Drive

As an up coming event, the blood drive on October 16th, will prove to be another great success. Event Coordinator Frankie Moore of Moreno Valley college comments, "The blood drive saves lives, it an annual contribution to help others out." In response to MVC's dedication to hosting the LifeStream blood drive for 5 years running.

Frankie L. Moore- MVC Coordinator/ Student Activities/ Advisor

The Beginning of the End

As an aspiring journalist, I take issues regarding the First Amendment very seriously.

I understand the importance of the preservation of our right to free speech, and the power it can give to an individual and a nation.

The ability to protest and petition our government is not only vital in maintaining a democracy that is honest and accountable, it is physically promised to us in our Constitution’s First Amendment.

No Free Speech

Health equals Success

Moreno Valley College eating disorder event is held every semester to help students see if their eating habits are correct to ensure their overall well-being as a student.

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