May 2015

Brand New Comes to L.A.

On April 15th, a Wednesday evening in the heart of Los Angeles at the Shrine Expo Hall, the alternative rock band, Brand New headlined the night's show, accompanied by Built to Spill and Desaparecidos as their opening acts.

The venue itself was massive, with attendees all one level with the exception of VIP on the balcony.

Brand New

Annual Spring Egg Hunt

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt took place at Moreno Valley College on April 3rd, 2015 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  

Coordinator of Event: Frankie Moore

"Stance" at MVC

To begin to understand a culture, find a small part of it, focus on it, and from there expand the general themes to other aspects of the culture. Cars and car cultures are no exception.

Car Stuff

Study Abroad in Florence Italy

It’s a Thursday afternoon.

Class is out for the weekend and you have just arrived back at your apartment setting down your school binder and textbooks.

You draw a long breath as you saunter over to one of your third-story apartment windows.


Middle College High School

Moreno Valley College has a deal with two high school districts, Moreno Valley and Valverde Unified, in which high school students take courses at MVC for their last two years of high school. The program is called Middle College High School, or MCHS for short. 

Happy Birthday MVC

On Tuesday, March 10th, Moreno Valley College celebrated its 24th Birthday, and 5th Birthday as an official accredited school.

Held on school campus, there were games to play and cake to eat for all who attended.

Back in March of 1987, the Robert P. Warmington Company had donated 112 acres of land that started the making of MVC.


Over 20 years of Kombat

For over the last 20 years, Midway Games and Warner Brothers have revolutionized fighting games with their collective violent take on kung fu with one of its most famous game series, Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat

Stagecoach 2015

Every April, the last weekend of the month marks the annual 3-day Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

Held in Indio, Californa, more than 50,000 country music lovers of all ages come together to watch the years biggest artists perform.


Calculus Choir (C^2)

A Fun Study Group

C^2, pronounced  "see-squared," is a small study group created by and for Mat-1B (Calculus II) and Phy-4B (Physics Electromagnetism) students at Moreno Valley College.  

The Whole Group at Work (except for Bryan who's on his phone)

Vote Now and Get Active

 On April 7th 2015 Moreno Valley College was visited by celebrity guest speaker Antwan Tanner, hosted by Tanner himself as part of The Get Active Tour in conjunction with the Associated Students of Moreno Valley College.

Antwan Tanner

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