May 2015

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Anyone watching the news lately knows the Ferguson protests and the civil rights demonstrations in Baltimore, both of which have garnered attention through the use of social media and the hashtag, "#blacklivesmatter."

Whatever your opinion on these shootings, riots, protests, or politics, it is happening nation-wide, constantly on the breaking news, impossible to ignore.

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Moreno Valley College Awards Banquet

Student of Distinction

On Thursday, May 14, Moreno Valley College recognized students that had done a requisite number of community service hours with a club at MVC, at a banquet held at the Moreno Valley Conference Center in Moreno Vall

Tyrone Macedon Sr.

MVC Veg Association Hosts Vegetarian Week

Thrive Strive without Deprive to Lessen World Suffering

The Veg Association of Moreno Valley College presented Vegetarian Week, from May 18 to 20 on campus in the free speech area from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. each day.

The emphasis for the event was to educate and inform students at MVC the value of veganism in order to "Thrive, Strive Without Deprive to Lessen World Suffering."

veg club

Fighting for My Education

There are many different students that attend Moreno Valley College, with different skills and aptitude to strive and learn.

Valerie Baker is a 44 year old student who has been in college for over a year, this spring being her second semester.

Majoring in Communications, and five classes away from her degree, Baker's dream is to write fiction books.

Stress Less Day

Moreno Valley College hosted Stress Less Day on April 23 in the John Coudures Plaza, intended to teach and educate staff and students of the importance of becoming stress-free, through a variety

Stress-less Day

RCCD's Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year

Valley Vista sits down with Dr. Biancardi

Recently Valley Vista News sat down with Dr. Fabian Biancardi who teaches political science at Moreno Valley College and was named RCCD’s Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year.

As Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Dr. Biancardi recently spoke at each of the three campuses addressing serious faults of American Exceptionalism, and we caught up with him to ask a few questions.

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