May 2016

Matsuri Sushi

Matsuri is a Japanese restaurant that sells sushi, beer, ramen, and other treats located on 25100 Alessandro Blvd in Moreno Valley. While small, it gives off the feeling off a bar. The colors inside are slightly darker, with an obvious wooden motif. Stretching over the side of the building , tables are usually next to the windows overlooking the street.


20th Anniversary of National Poetry Day


On Thursday May 29, Moreno Valley College took part in celebrating National Poetry Day by having an open mic poetry reading. The event took place in the SAS building and was organized by Tashi Williams P'Owell and Bryan Janecek.

Student interview with Dare House

Recently I had the opportunity to sit with MVC student and musician Darian Houser aka Dare House who does everything from hip hop to jazz to punk music.

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