December 2016

Creepy Clown Hysteria

Clowns were once thought of as a joyful performer that

The Spread of Misinformation in the 2016 Election


     With people beginning to get their news from Facebook and other online sources instead of newspapers and television media, there comes both advantages and disadvantages.

Freedom Is Not Free

Story written by Akeila Jones

Akeila-Quion Jones

The Post Election Series: Why Trump Won

The Corrupted vs. The Corruptor

     While the Democratic Party and much of the mainstream media were sure that Hillary Clinton had the presidency in the bag, by the morning of November 9th, everyone in America was forced to acknowledge otherwise. More Americans might have voted for Clinton but Donald Trump is almost sure to win the electoral college and therefore the presidency.

MVC Graduate Profile

On college campuses, students come and go, whether they

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