December 2017

Jehovah Witnesses

Written by Salonda Johnson

In the quad, a stand sits with pamphlets, books and tablets on hand among three people alongside it, hoping for students and staff would be interested with what they have to say. These people are Jehovah Witnesses.

Karate Motivation

Written by Yolanda Douangchampa
A 22 year old student, Ulises Cabrera, takes a kick at enrolling into a karate class at the Moreno Valley College.

MVC Daycare

Written Yolanda Douangchamps
Moreno Valley College has its own daycare center that are available to students and to the public.
The developm

or more; the anxious mixtape review

by Christopher Gutierrez

Chicago native rapper Mick Jenkins’ most recent mixtape or more; the anxious was released on November 21 following his last project the healing component which was released more than a year ago.

The Overly Liberal Way of Thinking in College

by Christopher Gutierrez

When I first started applying for college in 2016 I remember the excitement I felt when I thought about the opportunities that would be available to me. I couldn’t wait to get here because I thought it would be a true opportunity to advance myself in an educational sense.

The Stress of Finals Week

by Christopher Gutierrez

Stress management during finals week is a frequent problem for college students. The final test of the semester that could possibly decide whether you pass or fail is sure to cause some unrest among the student population.

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