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     While most of the notable names in computer science history both to majors and non-majors alike boil down to a few names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.
Open Letter to Women Engineering Majors

Student Spotlight: Tyesha Green

Tyesha Green is one of the many unique and determinedly hard working students here at MVC.  Tyesha was born in Los Angeles but has lived in Moreno Valley most of her life. She’s attended MVC for almost 2 years, having began February 2014, and plans on acquiring her associates degree before transferring to FIDM to get a degree in fashion.

Student Profile: C.J Court

Kanye West, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and many other notable artists were visionaries before they became the notorious personalities they are today.


MVC Student Patricia Landolt: The Winds of Change

The only thing in life that is constant is change! When I was imagining that my life was fairly settled, the winds of change shifted in my direction in January.
Since fall of 2013, I have been attending Moreno Valley College, working towards my Associates degree after much starting and stopping.

MVC Student Patricia Landolt: The Journey Begins

September 15. I’m on my way! My day began at 3:30 a.m. this morning.

Former Students Chasing Their Dreams

This past Labor Day weekend I went to Pomona to enjoy some music at D.I.Y festival, and I saw two former MVC students performing together.


Riverside's Arts Walk

Once a month residents of the city of Riverside, and surrounding cities, gather in downtown for to experience creativity in every form at Riverside's Arts Walk.

The 'ART' piece in downtown Riverside

OC Nightmarket

The Orange County Nightmarket combines various cultures by showcasing a variety of several different Asian cuisines in an open-air market atmosphere.

Although the area was crowded and the interminable lines were not always worth the wait, the market offered many attractions that merged both American and Asian cultures.

Poltergeist: A Movie Review

With Hollywood producing a continuous flow of remakes, the most recent adaptation of Poltergeist attempts to pay homage to Steven Spielberg's original while simultaneously

The cinematic poster for The Poltergeist

Student Fee Benefits

Ever wonder what that extra fee on your tuition is that reads "student health fee?"

The student fees we have to pay offer us quite a rage of benefits.

If you go into Parkside Complex 6, there you will find a range of services for students on campus.

If you are looking for health education and services, the student health services can help.

Student Spotlight: Patricia Landolt

Unlike other college campuses, Moreno Valley College harbors an array of students from a variety of different walks of life.

Patricia Landolt atop the lighthouse on Tybee Island in Georgia

MVC Student Veteran: Alex Rocha

Roaming the halls of various colleges across the country are veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

One of Moreno Valley College's own is Alejandra "Alex" Rocha, a 30 year old veteran of the Army.

MVC Study-Friendly Spots

How many of us students try and hunt down the perfectly quiet corner to get our study on in the midst of a busy semester? 

Life moves so quickly some days, and on those days when you need the extra hour or two to study before a big test, it seems impossible to find a nice quiet place to focus and zone in on the studies. 

Student Spotlight: Danny Cervantes

Moreno Valley College is home to a diverse demographic of college students, though a select few make a powerful impact during thei

Danny Cervantes at the Trans Day of Visibility event on MVC campus

Student Spotlight: Stephanie Gallo

At the community college level, many students elect a commuter-style life, only venturing on to campus for class and a counseling appointment once or twice a semester.

Stephanie Gallo

MVC Weekly

Weekly Questionnaire

With this semester coming to an end, the biggest obstacle gets closer and closer for college students everywhere.

Grab your 12-pack of sugar-free redbulls, your most comfy hoodie, and most reliable study buddy because the time has come upon us once again my colleagues.

Yes, finals are here, and yes, I know you all shivered at the mere reading of the word.

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