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Fighting for My Education

There are many different students that attend Moreno Valley College, with different skills and aptitude to strive and learn.

Valerie Baker is a 44 year old student who has been in college for over a year, this spring being her second semester.

Majoring in Communications, and five classes away from her degree, Baker's dream is to write fiction books.

Vote Now and Get Active

 On April 7th 2015 Moreno Valley College was visited by celebrity guest speaker Antwan Tanner, hosted by Tanner himself as part of The Get Active Tour in conjunction with the Associated Students of Moreno Valley College.

Antwan Tanner

Human Services Program in Action

At the turn of every semester, Moreno Valley College clubs recruit students of every aspect of cultural, educational and resourceful backgrounds.

The older of the clubs that even today still holds the highest college points and outstanding mark at MVC is the Human Services Program.

Michele Gardner ; center, with human services club members at the Special Olympics Brunswick bowling in Moreno valley 2014

Cesar Chavez Competition: A Legacy is Remembered.

Moreno Valley College invited its students to compete in the 2015 Inaugural Cesar E. Chavez Visual Arts Scholarship Competition, where students were allowed to submit artwork varying from a painting to a three-minute video clip, depicting Cesar E. Chavez and his legacy of service. 

A Woman in Her Own Right

The month of March heralds the Annual Women’s Herstory event at Moreno Valley College, the public celebration of women’s history in this country began in 1978 as “Women’s History Week” in Sonoma County, California.

Congress expanded the celebration to a month and March was declared Women’s History Month.

Pastor Sharon Barnes

The Happy Ending of Prohibition

On December 1, 2012 Branch Manager Thomas Vase of the Perris Library opened its doors to a learning experience for all beer lovers in the Riverside County area.

Dangers of Smoking, the Traits of OCD

 As a health/environmental pursuit to promote a healthy and clean environment for surrounding communities the STEM Green /Health clubs merged to bring awareness to its Moreno Valley college students on smoking and OCD.

Give Me that Old Time' Religion

Moreno Valley College celebrates Native American History Month on campus by inviting a very special guest speaker Brandon Duran on November 13, 2012. Duran 28 yr. old Tachi Yokut Indian, Yokut which stands for "people" from the northern part of California in Central Valley. He describes his Native history, their traditions, seasonal stories and native songs still remembered by his ancestors.

Veterans' Moment to Remember

On this very special November 8, 2012, Moreno Valley College honors it Veterans by honoring them with BBQ meals of Hamburgers, hotdogs, apple pies, and music.

Art is Essential to Our Future

Not everybody is expected to follow a career, that would not be the path one would want to follow, but for

Best of both Worlds

One would say that it is easy to identify with people, however that was not the case with 34 year old Dana Chamberlin a California resident and ASL major, her path as a sign-language interpreter was entirely directed through a daughter's inspiration.

Help Others Live: MVC Blood Drive

As an up coming event, the blood drive on October 16th, will prove to be another great success. Event Coordinator Frankie Moore of Moreno Valley college comments, "The blood drive saves lives, it an annual contribution to help others out." In response to MVC's dedication to hosting the LifeStream blood drive for 5 years running.

Frankie L. Moore- MVC Coordinator/ Student Activities/ Advisor

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