Calculus Choir (C^2)

A Fun Study Group
A Small Group

Left to Right: Chet, Fiji, Bryan Lopez

C^2, pronounced  "see-squared," is a small study group created by and for Mat-1B (Calculus II) and Phy-4B (Physics Electromagnetism) students at Moreno Valley College.  

The group started this semester, Spring 2015, by the core members of Chet Kellawan (22), Vishal "Fiji" Raju (22), and Bryan Arellano (21).

The main intent of the group, according to Arellano, contrary to belief, is to, “sing primarily to Taylor Swift music.”

On the side they also do homework and study.

Jokes aside, the group intertwines play and work — they work for some hours and then take breaks to sing to some music, play basketball, drink a beer, or crack some jokes — to not overwhelm and to not stress about the classes.

When a member cannot solve a problem, there are three countermeasures that follow.

The first is to ask if someone else in the group has already done the problem, and if someone has, they look over the work the person who has finished.

If no one has done it, multiple members have issues with the same problem, or if the finished work is illegible, they move on to the following option: a whiteboard they use to solve the problems in front of each other through brainstorming.

If both options fail, they consult Slader (a website that provides live tutoring, textbook solutions to questions, and a forum to ask questions) to search for the procedure of how to solve the problem in question.

And if the solution on Slader is not coherent, as Chet said, “the motto of C^2 is, f*** that problem.’”

Working it out

Left to Right: Efron Arellano, Fiji, Maria, Chet, Bryan Arellano

The name C^2 comes from "Calculus Choir," which includes two C's, thus C^2.

During one of their more recent study sessions, the members worked on their homework to 2000’s music of varying genres, such as hip-hop, pop, rock, punk, country, and so on.

The name came to be based on how the students would do calculus while singing to what they stereotyped as “white chick music.” 

The Whole Group at Work (except for Bryan who's on his phone)

Left to right: Bryan Arellano, Chet, Maria, Bryan Lopez, Fiji

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