The Overly Liberal Way of Thinking in College

by Christopher Gutierrez

When I first started applying for college in 2016 I remember the excitement I felt when I thought about the opportunities that would be available to me. I couldn’t wait to get here because I thought it would be a true opportunity to advance myself in an educational sense.

Although I had paid attention to the news and seen the riots and protests going on in contempt of free speech at the likes of Berkeley, I always dismissed that as a very vocal minority of students.

That was until I decided to attend Moreno Valley College and then I began to understand the scope of the institutional brainwashing going on in colleges. In its essence, college is supposed to be the cultivation of ideas shaped by students in order to help them ease into the real world.

This idealistic view of college is supposed to use teachers as a medium for education, a means to an end, like a mediator in a presidential debate. Instead what we get is a person who tells you what to believe in and how you should argue that they are right. There is no education in this, just an attempt to brainwash.

As someone who holds mostly liberal viewpoints, we have to understand that we are not correct in the way we think, we are merely a viewpoint. The college educational system seems to distance itself from the idea of cultivation of ideas in order to paint the walls democratic blue and silence all that oppose.

Evidence of this reprehensible behavior is seen everywhere, even just on this campus. I can see it just in my personal education. My list of books to study and write about includes The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, a book by Michelle Alexander, Tell Me How It Ends, a book by Valeria Luiselli, and The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of The Wealth Gap, by Matt Taibbi.

The blinding similarity in these three books is police ineptitude, support of immigration, and multitudes of pages on the flawed criminal justice system. Simply put, it’s all liberal. The entire English Class is one big lesson on Liberal ways of thoughts, with not so much as a beckon of the opposing viewpoint in sight.

This problem is not only seen in the classroom, it’s in the administration running the school as well. Our highest administrators have been known to send out emails that make no attempts to hide the left-leaning viewpoints they carry. Emails about on campus swastikas and more recently the rescindment of the Dream Act have found their way into the inboxes of every MVC student.

Statements by MVC president Robin Steinback in these emails such as “I was deeply disappointed by the recent decision by the Trump Administration to rescind the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.” This shows an obvious lean on the liberal-conservative scale.

These types of emails are not intended to harm but the bottom of the line is they are not necessary. We are adults now and we need to cultivate our own ideas with the help of our teachers and administrators.

In that same DACA email the president of MVC also stated “Moreno Valley College is committed to appreciating diversity, promoting equity and inclusion, and supporting our students, faculty, and staff.”

What they fail to realize is this liberal institution is forcing many people who oppose the views being taught to stay quiet about their beliefs. Forcing certain students to stay quiet out of fear is the sheer principle of inequality and our campus and other campuses should take a look at what happens at places like UC Berkeley when uncontrolled liberal speech takes over places of learning.

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