The Stress of Finals Week

by Christopher Gutierrez

Stress management during finals week is a frequent problem for college students. The final test of the semester that could possibly decide whether you pass or fail is sure to cause some unrest among the student population.

Monday, December 11 marks the beginning of finals week for the fall semester of 2017. Students will attend their classes for the last time after long hours of studying and stress accumulation.

Hilary Lopez, an 18 year old Sociology major at MVC, is very worried about finals week. Out of the 4 classes that Lopez is taking, 2 of them have finals. One of those finals is especially getting onto her stress levels.

“My math class [is the hardest] because the grading.” She says “I hope I do good but I don’t think I will. I mean I hope I do good but we’ll just have to wait and see what will be on the test.” Lopez continues “My math class is definitely a pass or fail. If I don’t pass it then I’m kinda stuck retaking a class I need in order to move on with my major.”

Lopez revealed that she tends to get really nervous when taking important test as she always gets testing anxiety. “To an extent it's stressful to anyone. I think it's more stressful for me because I overthink it so I stress myself out even more. I think it’s just learning to handle it if that makes sense.”

She isn’t surprised by the workload though. “I expected it and I think it wouldn’t be too much if I wasn’t such a procrastinator and if I wasn’t so lazy because if I was actually determined and turned off my phone instead of just shrugging it off then I would have the time.” She ended by saying “I don’t have time because I don’t make time”

On the other side of the stress spectrum is Carlos Navarro, an 18 year old Music Major, isn’t really all that bothered by finals. Navarro is taking 4 classes and 4 finals, but doesn’t seem to be worried at all.

“It's what I expected. We’re not kids anymore. This is stuff that we’re doing for our own careers. Like, in high school we would study a little bit and it was all just stuff that we would have to regurgitate and after that we could forget it, but this is stuff that we hope will benefit us in the field we wanna advance in. So I think the amount of studying is appropriate.”

Navarro said “I’ll stress out for a bit but then I realize getting my classes paid for and also I’m pretty good at test taking”

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