The Beginning of the End

As an aspiring journalist, I take issues regarding the First Amendment very seriously.

I understand the importance of the preservation of our right to free speech, and the power it can give to an individual and a nation.

The ability to protest and petition our government is not only vital in maintaining a democracy that is honest and accountable, it is physically promised to us in our Constitution’s First Amendment.

No Free Speech

Being Muslim on Campus

Muslims on campus; what do you do when you see one? Do you avoid eye conact? Sneer at them? Make an off-handed comment to a friend? Think about how they feel perhaps? With the recent passing of the anniversary of 9/11, the racial profiling of Muslims on campus, and in general, has increased.

Studying 101


Whether you like to study or not, studying is a necessary part of college life. In fact, studying will probably dominate a significant part of your time. Before you hit the books, check out this guide to studying in college.

Studying 101

9/11 The Day America Stood Still

This year Moreno Valley College held a memorial event for the 11th year anniversary of 9/11.


Laughing in the Face of Death

On November 1st Moreno Valley College held a Day of the Dead celebration. A holiday celebrated, as a student and member of the Puente club described it, “To laugh in the face of death”.

Why Slow Computers Suck

Slow Computers are a headache, in more ways than one.

Are you like me and can't stand slow computers?

Is the Middle College Program fair?

Middle College at the Moreno Valley College was started in 1999 as a partnership between Riverside Community College's Moreno Valley Campus in participation with Moreno Valley Unified School District, and Val Verde Unified School District. The program was designed to allow high school aged students to get collegiate classes that were to be credited to their high school diploma and consecutively their associate’s degree. Basically it gave them a head start on a college education while still in high school.

Is the Middle College Program fair?

Snitches Get Stitches

If you saw someone get killed right in front of you and you knew exactly who did it, would you share that information with the police or keep it a secret for the rest of your life?

Any sensible human being would obviously want to tell investigators who the murderer is, but you will be surprised by the lack of cooperation police officers receive from eye witnesses. The reason?

“Stop snitchin’, stop lyin’.”

A Costly Dream

      About a month ago, California governor Jerry Brown passed a bill that grants illegal immigrants access to privately funded scholarships to attend the state's public colleges and universities. There are a lot of people who support the passing of this bill because it is believed to introduce fair opportunities for all people in America. However, is it fair to American citizens that they will now have to compete with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants for financial resources that are already growing scarce at a time like this in our nation? I say no.

Parking Changes the Sequel

    In the aftermath of the closing of parking lot C at Moreno Valley College to make way for a Dental Education Center, students are left having to park in the vacant dirt field behind the Parkside complex. Now ask yourselves! Is that fair?

The Higher the Hair the Closer to God

A Hardcore Culture all their own

       She stood out amongst the rest of the youth in their Hot-topic, clearance rack chic. They all formed a wall of black and indifference at the local hardcore show in someone's backyard.

Seduced by Social Networking

How social forums have stolen the minds of the people.


Why cut out Parking Lot C?

Parking Lot C being moved for a dental program
There is no reason why our school should take away parking lot C. We are already struggling with parking spaces and taking away a hundred more will lead to.Parking Lot C

Motorcycle Ownership

Motorcycle ownership in today’s era of steadily rising gas pr

Ninja 250R

Some Parents Deserve a Spanking

Here's an image for you: grown men and women tearing down caution tape, pushing small children out of the way, and rushing for plastic eggs filled with candy.

The Spring Egg Hunt at Moreno Valley College was meant to be a fun event for children in the community. The games, parking, and egg hunt were free of charge, but some parents expected more.

Tips on Saving Money at the Pump

Gas prices killing you? Here are four tips to help you out a bit!

With gas prices now barreling far past $4.00 per gallon even for 87 octane fuel, many people, including college students, are looking for alternative ways to get to their destinations.

The following few tips combined with your own respective situations could potentially save you enough “dough” that bakers will feel threatened, so pay close attention!

At the pump

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Baseball is here once again and so are the hot dogs, nachos, and multitude of beers.  The Major League Baseball food groups America loves are back in season!

Angels Stadium

How to Save a Life

My life would not be complete without my four legged child.I met Cooper, my Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, at a local shelter. It was most definitely love at first sight.

Cooper Riley

Do Celebrities Get Away with Anything?

In the United States of America, most of us are under the impression that all people are created equal. Apparently, "created equal" means we all have rights granted to us through birth. After further inspection, one could come to acknowledge that this is not the case.

Refusing to Settle

All of a sudden, I look around and there isn't a single facebook status that doesn't include an engagement, wedding, or a new baby.

Matters of the Mind The College Experience

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